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Where the Magic is Made

Our Breweries

It’s all about the beer. Sounds simple, but it’s not. Too many times breweries start out with a great ale or lager, get a following, grow and forget what brewing is all about. At Mad Anthony Brewing Company, we will never forget; because at MABC, it’s all about the beer. That’s the way it was in the late 90's when three friends decided their love of great beer and good food was more than an obsession, it was a calling. A calling that could become a career. It’s all about relationships.

When three friends, Todd Grantham, Blaine Stuckey, and Jeff Neels joined forces in 1999 the goal was simple: brew great beer and serve it with tasty food in a fun atmosphere. And what started as a component of Fort Wayne’s eclectic Munchie Emporium has become one of the Midwest’s most successful brewpubs. According to Jeff, “I can’t think of anything better than being with a bunch of friends and having a business together.” For over ten years, that partnership has blessed Fort Wayne with everything from the Gabby Blonde Lager to Snowplowed Winter Ale and more than 50 beers a year. It’s all about doing it right. Visit Mad Anthony and you can see the difference. Whether it’s Todd’s never ending search for the perfect brew or Blaine’s endless stream of ideas (not all good), everyone associated with Mad Anthony has a vested interest in your experience… and your beer. Blaine notes, “We want to create an atmosphere, a vibe that is all our own. From the person serving you that pint, to the brew you pick up to take home, we want it to be the best possible experience. Best possible taste.” To that end, Mad Anthony does everything from brew to distribute to stocking the shelves, because in the end…

It’s all about the beer.

The Production Brewery

The Production Brewery--The Mad Anthony Production Brewery, 1121 Taylor Street, is a 2500 square foot "pole barn" style building, which is located in the parking lot of our restaurant and original brewery. This location produces all bottled beer, draft account beer, and beer for local festivals.

The brewery itself is a 15 barrel Bohemian brewery with a beautiful copper brew house, two fifteen barrel fermenters and a two thirty barrel fermenters. Three fifteen barrel bright tanks give the Mad Anthony beers room for conditioning. All bottling is currently performed on an older model Meheen style bottler with a capacity of 30-50 cases per hour.

The Pilot System

The "Pilot System"--Or the "original" Mad Anthony Brewery, can be seen behind the four foot windows in Fort Wayne brewpub dining room. This system was used from February 1998 to the Spring of 2001 to produce madbrew; whether it was for our pubs, bottled or offered at draft accounts. Today, this system is responsible for all the one-off beers that madbrew enthusiasts have grown to love.

Our Pilot System is a 7 barrel custom brew house built by Cross Distributing Company in Springville, California. This system was originally supported by 4 seven barrel fermenters and 6 serving tanks. Due to increased demand,  2 additional serving tanks, as well as a fourteen barrel fermenter and brite tank were added. This system is situated in a tiny 500 square foot room.